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Hello and welcome on the video tutorial page. This page is all about the How2Gentoo Video Tutorial I have created. You have two different choices: You can download the How2Gentoo Video Tutorial or you can watch the tutorial online on vimeo. In the snippets sector you will find some usefull code examples and bash scripts. If you have any questions, hints or ideas let me know. It is possible to contact me in the about section.

Update @ 17.01.2010 - Menufix for windowsuser (CSS)
Update @ 18.01.2010 - You can now donate for the How2Gentoo Video with PayPal
Update @ 14.03.2010 - New snippets have been added
Update @ 29.09.2010 - Follow me on Twitter and check the new snippets
Update @ 14.07.2011 - For more software look at my GitHub Repository
Update @ 15.06.2012 - You can now watch the How2Gentoo on Vimeo
Update @ 27.07.2013 - Translated the whole site into english
Update @ 30.07.2013 - The remasterd Video Tutorial is now online